Lure Babyface SM85-S 85mm Sinking

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Lure Babyface SM85-S 85mm Sinking

Hard Bodied Lure


Lure Babyface SM85-S 85mm Sinking

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Product Detail

Extensive Power!

Perfect control over free fall and straight retrieve!

Compact version of SM135-S with an 85mm body is a perfect bite size for predatory fish all around the world. There is a beautiful body shape and incredible paints that are only possible with hard body. The weight balance and the body shape are engineered to achieve extremely long casting distance. Durable body and parts are engineered to deal with savage predator fish all around the world. You can efficiently and precisely cast aroung structures, or you can long cast and search in open water. Invincible combo of ideal free fall & retrieve speed+ flashing effect. Strong bites with Vertical fishing, vertical free fall and powerful straight retrieve. Perfect for any water range and gives wide option for anglers.


Length: 85mm

Weight: 20g


Type: Sinking

Hook size: #10

Others: + babyface Blade

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