Lure Babyface M100SRSP 100mm 13.5g Suspend

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Lure Babyface M100SRSP 100mm 13.5g Suspend

Hard Bodied Lure


Lure Babyface M100SRSP 100mm 13.5g Suspend

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Product Detail

Best buddy for various species and field!

A new modern minnow designed for anglers worldwid, driven by the DDS(Drum Drive System) which gives a high swimming performance and stable flying posture.

Unlike the classic minnow, M100SR-SP is a multi-target species minnow SP(Setting of SP is fresh water.)

100mm minnow is a popular size among the anglers around the world, everyoone must have one in their tackle box. It contains super long castability driven by DDS(Drum Drive System) and flies in a stable flying posture straight to the target point.

The spec was designed not only for Japan, but for worlldwide as well. The hook eye, shape and thickness of the body was considered in the design too.


Length: 100mm

Weight: 13.5g

Range: Shallow

Type: Suspend

Hook size: #5


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