Lure Babyface JB150-S 150mm 75g Sinking

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Lure Babyface JB150-S 150mm 75g Sinking



Lure Babyface JB150-S 150mm 75g Sinking

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Product Detail

The European born jerk bait perfected by the Japanese craftmanship.

Euro Jerk Bait has a big potential in many fields around the world.

Babyface puts JAPAN DNA into this Euro Jerk Bait and came up with this aggressive appearance and perfect body design. The angler's motivation will hit a peak when having this in hands.

Maximization in fuctionality by engineering

The casting distance is unbelievable, thanks to lipless and unique shape of 75g weight. Also, the calculated horizontal sinking speed is achieved by babyface engineering. 

The biggest characteristics of JB150-S is its hsarp side flapping jerk action, which comes from the 150mm distinctive flat body and the low center of gravity weight that almost sticks out the body bottom.

Amazing depth range keeping ability. High controlabilityof side by side darting dstance of jerk action. These incredible dart action and straight retrieve S-shaped swimming action will make predator fish go crazy!

Strong settings

Wire through construction and strong hook setting enables the JB150-S to take monster fish. Feel the unique evolution of Euro Jerk Bait by babyface.


Length: 150mm

Weight: 75g

Range: Topwater

Type: SInking

Hook size: #1/0

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