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ATC® Astromac™
ATC® Astromac™ATC® Astromac™ATC® Astromac™
ATC® Astromac™
by: ATC
From USD247.00

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High strength aluminium body

Computer balanced rotor construction

Precision machined slider

Precision machined stainless steel gear

Large capacity CNC spool

Precision cut CNC power handle and knob

Super thick hollow bail wire

Power Drag System with 10-pieces carbon washer

Maximum drag force power 30 kg

9 ball bearing system with one way clutch system

Waterproof system construction

014-ASM8000     Gear Ratio: 4:1:1, Line Capacity: PE4/270, PE5/250, PE6/240, Weight: 591g, Max Drag: 20kg      USD247.00 SOLD OUT
014-ASM12000     Gear Ratio: 4:1:1, Line Capacity:PE5/320, PE6/300, PE8/280, Weight: 845g, Max Drag: 25kg      USD251.00 SOLD OUT
014-ASM20000     Gear Ratio: 4:1:1, Line Capacity: PE6/500, PE8/400, PE10/300, Weight: 925g, Max Drag: 30kg      USD257.00 SOLD OUT