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ZerekŪ Thannatus Cotton T-Shirt
ZerekŪ Thannatus Cotton T-Shirt
by: Zerek
This simple round-neck t-shirt is made from the best cotton, which gives you the smooth feel when wear on. A regular relaxed fit, it has a classic ribbed neckline, short sleeves and subtle top-stitched.

781-TshirtTHR/M   Size: Red/ M   USD18.00
781-TshirtTHR/L   Size: Red/ L   USD18.00
781-TshirtTHR/XL   Size: Red/ XL   USD18.00
781-TshirtTHR/XXL   Size: Red/ XXL   USD18.00
781-TshirtTHR/XXXL   Size: Red/ XXXL   USD18.00
781-TshirtTHB/M   Size: Blue/ M   USD18.00
781-TshirtTHB/L   Size: Blue/ L   USD18.00 SOLD OUT
781-TshirtTHB/XL   Size: Blue/ XL   USD18.00
781-TshirtTHB/XXL   Size: Blue/ XXL   USD18.00
781-TshirtTHB/XXXL   Size: Blue/ XXXL   USD18.00 SOLD OUT
781-TshirtTHBK/M   Size: Black/ M   USD18.00 SOLD OUT
781-TshirtTHBK/L   Size: Black/ L   USD18.00 SOLD OUT
781-TshirtTHBK/XL   Size: Black/ XL   USD18.00
781-TshirtTHBK/XXL   Size: Black/ XXL   USD18.00
781-TshirtTHBK/XXXL   Size: Black/ XXXL   USD18.00 SOLD OUT