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Surger 120mm
Surger 120mm
by: Zerek

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The Surger has a tight wriggling action that perfectly mimics the motion of a foraging minnow. Thanks to its magnetic weight transfer system the Zerek Surger can also be cast good distances. The perfectly balance bib design enables it to be trolled as well to reach depths of 3m depending on trolling speed. For a more natural presentation the Surger is suspend.

781-LSR120SP/GOL   SUSPEND 120mm 21g   USD14.20
781-LSR120SP/CHT   SUSPEND 120mm 21g   USD14.20
781-LSR120SP/LC   SUSPEND 120mm 21g   USD14.20
781-LSR120SP/T   SUSPEND 120mm 21g   USD14.20
781-LSR120SP/AYU   SUSPEND 120mm 21g   USD14.20
781-LSR120SP/AA   SUSPEND 120mm 21g   USD14.20 SOLD OUT
781-LSR120SP/BL   SUSPEND 120mm 21g   USD14.20
781-LSR120SP/YO   SUSPEND 120mm 21g   USD14.20
781-LSR120SP/SG   SUSPEND 120mm 21g   USD14.20
781-LSR120SP/VO   SUSPEND 120mm 21g   USD14.20