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Accurate TwinSpin
Accurate TwinSpinAccurate TwinSpin
Accurate TwinSpin
by: Accurate
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Using TwinDrag™ technology, Accurate has created the TwinSpin™ the world’s only true TwinDrag™ spinning reel designed for super heavy-duty angling performance. Machined from the same highgrade materials as other Accurate reels, the TwinSpin™ has the strength and heat dissipating qualities to beat the kind of big, powerful fish like marlin, tuna and wahoo that you otherwise wouldn’t think to challenge with a spinning reel. Other features to maximize torque include a power handle, a unique, adjustable pre-set knob on the front of the spool to precisely control drag tension, and a rugged, manual bail mechanism for picking up line.
Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA
Patented TwinDrag™ System 

Reel engineered to handle heavy drag pressure 

Fourteen Class 5 ABEC stainless steel bearings

Quick Change Spool - Holds Drag Settings

Preset Registration Lines for Accuracy 

Greased AccuDrag system 

Manual Bail Return 

TwinSpin™ reel bag

Accurate SR20       Gear Ratio: 5:1 Weight Onces:  28 Weight Grams: 790 30# Mono Yards 250 Yards .022 Dia. 30# Mono Meters  229 Meters Spectra Line Capacity lbs./Yards: 50#/425 Spectra Line Capacity lbs./Meters: 50#/388                 USD1,180.00  USD983.00  (~USD983.00) SOLD OUT
Accurate SR30     Gear Ratio: 6:1 Weight Onces:  31 Weight Grams: 870 30# Mono Yards: 325 Yards .022 Dia. 30# Mono Meters: 297 Meters Spectra Line Capacity lbs./Yards: 80#/300 Spectra Line Capacity lbs./Meters: 80#/274       USD1,089.00  USD1,042.00  (~USD1,042.00) SOLD OUT