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PinTail EZ 45g
PinTail EZ 45g
by: Jackson
To fly away with anyone, minnow easy to handle, "Pintail EZ" can respond to a wide range of speed retrieve. Also lead directly to the size of the versatility, uses to cover many fish species. Penetration welding using a wire so no concern about in terms of strength. Use the ST-56 # 2, manufactured by the Owner, ensure sufficient strength, regardless of Offshore Shore, who is active in a variety of settings.

Size: 11.5cm

Type: Super Sinking

Weight: 45g

Hook: Owner ST-56 # 2


PinTail 45g SBP   Colour: SBP   USD28.00 SOLD OUT
PinTail 45g SIW   Colour: SIW   USD28.00 SOLD OUT
PinTail 45g SRK   Colour: SRK   USD28.00 SOLD OUT
PinTail 45g URI   Colour: URI   USD28.00 SOLD OUT
PinTail 45g WRD   Colour: WRD   USD28.00 SOLD OUT